How to develop your property’s with management function below

Sales & Marketing Division

  • Online marketing strategy will promote it of your property into our website as one of  top priority to promoted to rent at one of area
  • Promote it your property at all world wide wholesaler and local portal agent online in Bali
  • Promote it your property in the wholesaler agent and retail agent in all market in the world
  • Joining your property into wholesaler promotional flyer, brochure, catalogue, magazine as awareness and brand property name
  • Joining at sales and marketing trip and promotional marketing at world wide market overseas depend of sales & marketing cost and budget cost
  • Hire and open it all market orientation ( Domestic market, Japanese, European, Australian, Russian, Chinese and others market )
  • Going publishing promotion with brochure, sales kit and flyer

Operational Division

  • How to operate it and set up staff service system to get vision and mission excellent guest service standard
  • Standard room or villas set up and area set up to get approach and get guest satisfaction, convenience and enjoyable during stay in villa
  • Maintain the properties in maintenance program and scheduling, housekeeping daily operational, compile and set up in one system and standard
  • Calculated and created monthly operational cost and expenses
  • Prepare and create villas Standard Operating Procedure program
  • Prepare and created operational rule and procedure
  • Prepare and create professional operational method and operational target support and purpose by company vision and mission

Human Resources Division

  • Prepare and doing staff internal training concerned by standard operating procedure and guest rule and procedure
  • Hiring and select staff qualified concern with management need it and to approach and get management vision and mission to get guest satisfaction service and part of human service brand in customer link and networking
  • Staff budgeting and allowance will be concern on human resources division
  • Will connected with human resources government to updated about legal government worker rule and policy
  • As a part of department staff motivation, advise and suggestion in management regulation about staffing method
  • Will refreshment staff training every month or quarterly plan
  • Human resources data and administration will updated and compile on it

Financial Division

  • Concerning to organize and controlling accounting section which AR ( Account Revenue ), AP ( Account Payable ), organize and controlling cash flow at General cashier section and active at cost control function
  • Function as saving operational costing, maintaining and controlling costing
  • Yearly budgeting control
  • Concerning and in touch with government tax processing
  • Concerning processing legal regulation policy communicated with local government
  • Financial reporting preparation every month
  • Inventory property asset and report it every year

Term & Condition

  • Bali Home Villa management will totally responsible with owner asset which it prepare and provide it by owner to support operational management for all division
  • Bali Home Villa Management will operated your property to get income or revenue and returning your investment based on property analysis Returning On Investment budget provided
  • Bali Home Villa Management will ask and discuss it about pre opening working capital to the owner to coverage operational cost, employee salary and promotional for one year depend on property sizing, property’s unit quantity, and based on discussion before we grab normal income and revenue, and it will returning step by step as a credit back to the owner
  • Property equipment will provided it by owner as asset
  • Bali Home Villa Management will deduct charge fee 10% if guest from another agent and to another agent will protect 20% for full services agent ( Transfer in-out,courtesy etc by the agent )  & 10%  for agent booking fee only and all sevices from us and if booking/guest  from Bali Home & Villa Management dirrect we just collect fee as normal agent 20% from publish rates,as normal agent fee in Bali. Bali Home & Villa Management will responsibilities of your property operations & maintenance by Special  Package for minimum period of 2 ( two ) years starting from US$ 500 to US$ 700 per month following of the size your property and your individual requirements. For Villa Complex we will Charges US$ 1500 to 2000 per month for max 10 unit villas and US$ 2000 to US$ 3000 / per month for max 20 unit villas, all depend the villa location. Payable  Half  in advance for minimum contract 2 years and balances next on 6 month. After next 2 yrs of the contract if need renewal of contract we will charges by monthly cut from villa income or direct from the owner. All out of pockets expenses like Staff  Salaries and Maintenance Cost will be charge separately from the above.
  • Bali Home Villa Management totally as an operator management and will hire or recruiting head level management in charge as our representative
  • Bali Home Villa will be fully access and has fully authority in general of day to day management and decision in general of management operational, Sales & marketing, Human resources, and we will reporting access to the owner at Financial report only
  • Maximum contract partnership management operator we offer minimum in charge is 8 years, starting from agreement sign it
  • Penalty system will we use it to secure of our cooperation and partnership based on discussion between of us, to get professionalism work of us
  • We will get to work based on agreement sign it between of us and legal registered at local and nationality notary

Please feel free to contact us at or +62.81337286437 as our recommendation professional profile and pleased to get work cooperation with you

Sincerely Yours

Bali Home & Villa Management