Full Management Systems included:

Sales & Marketing
Bali Home & Villa Management .  with fully responsibilities to do sales & marketing of your property as internet villa rental agency.making contract with another Agency partner Also with supporting with our attractive siteshttp://www.balihomevilla.com will support good rental returns on your property.

Bali Home & Villa Management . will big responsibility for recruitment, give training, offer  knowledge about High Quality Standard Service and We will ensure that all duties & responsibilities are performed High Quality Standard Services also the Balinese personal touches as reason of clients to stay at the private villa

Guest Relations
We understand relationship with clients, courtesy make sure to clients to got what they needed and make sure make that all repairs are carried out swiftly and efficiently, and that all breakages are replaced, also monitoring and maintenance of all your property facilities

Guest Activities
Bali Home & Villa Management.  will give advice and recommend   interesting places to visit in Bali, restaurants, nightlife, shops, galleries, adventures activities and Spas. Our Services for arrange  car charter,car rental, drivers, English-speaking tour guides, tours, activities etc

Reporting & Booking Chart
Bali Home & Villa Management  will make monthly & yearly report to you as the owner including Accounting and financial reporting such Staff expenses, guests accounts, repair expenses, etc. also weekly up date of booking chart .and you as the owner will know occupancy of your properties  All up date report to you by mail

Bali Home & Villa Management will responsibilities of your property operations & maintenance by Special  Package for minimum period of 2 ( two ) years starting from US$ 500 to US$ 700 per month following of the size your property and your individual requirements. For Villa Complex we will Charges US$ 1500 to 2000 per month for max 10 unit villas and US$ 2000 to US$ 3000 / per month for max 20 unit villas, all depend the villa location. Payable  Half  in advance for minimum contract 2 years and balances next on 6 month.After next 2 yrs of the contract if need renewal of contract we will charges by monthly cut from villa income or direct from the owner. All out of pockets expenses like Staff  Salaries and Maintenance Cost will be charge separately from the above.